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You're not alone

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The Parkinson's Association in Israel strengthens the residents of the south and the north, the security forces and the families whose loved ones were kidnapped.
The Parkinson's community bows its head and shares in the grief of the families who lost their loved ones.
The association wishes a speedy recovery to the injured.
Requests for help and accommodation assistance can be made to the hotline of the Parkinson's Association in Israel by phone:

The association calls on our resident members who are evacuated from the south and the north - to participate in the following activities of the association free of charge:
  • All evacuees will be able to contact the managers of the communities in the city where they are staying and join the activities of the Parkinson's community free of charge. For the list of active branches and details of community managers - throughout the country, click >>
  • Joining physical activity classes at parkinette free of charge. Registration link >>

You have to fill in the details, choose a desired class and pay to choose:   Subscription for residents of the south at no cost during the fighting period (also valid for the north)

Please enter the article and click on the link to the video

Parkinson Israel Association

The association operates not for profit, regardless of race, sex, religion, or political opinions, and is managed by patients, members of the association, family members and friends. The office bearers and activists in the association perform their duties voluntarily and do not receive a salary. Alongside the association's management, there is a medical advisory committee, consisting of the top neurologists in Israel who specialize in Parkinson's disease.

The activities of the association and its volunteers have been recognized and appreciated in many state frameworks, including the president's medal for a volunteer, the shield of the Ministry of Labor for a volunteer, the minister of health's medal for outstanding volunteers, the mayor of Jerusalem's medal for outstanding volunteers, and more.

Association notices

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Lectures and discussions (webinars) by professionals live on a computer or mobile phone.