Sports therapy training with students from Ono Academic School 

Participation is free of charge and is intended for members of the Parkinson's Association in Israel

Physical activity is an important component in dealing with Parkinson's disease. The Department of Sport Therapy, at the Kiryat Ono Academic College, promotes a remote physical training project in collaboration Parkinson's Association in Israel. The physical training will be individual and will be given once a week for 45 minutes by the students and closely accompanied by seasoned and experienced professionals. The training will address the components of physical fitness - strengthening flexibility, endurance and balance. Those interested are asked to fill out a remote training eligibility questionnaire and a representative will get back to you to check suitability for the program.

We note that in order to participate in the program, it is necessary to obtain permission from a family doctor to participate in physical activity and to be familiar with the "Zoom" in advance. The professionals who accompany the project and educate the students:

  1. Yuval Levitan, a physiotherapist at the Ceadim Institute in Sheba, an expert in Parkinson's - will give the students a workshop on the treatment and training of Parkinson's patients.
  2. Zvika Gor - physical therapist and lecturer in the sports therapy department, will accompany the students in the preparation and delivery of the training.
  3. Efrat Haraf Almachias - physical therapist and deputy head of the sports therapy department, responsible for the active observations at the college, will coordinate the placement of students.

about the project

  • The activity will be held this year from April to June - in the format of one training session per week that will be delivered via Zoom (one-on-one personal training for contestant and student)
  • The activity is intended for Parkinson's patients diagnosed in the last five years.
  • Each Parkinson's contestant who wishes to participate will fill out all the fields in the registration form (see attached below) and later, an evaluation will be arranged for those who are suitable, to check their suitability for the program, with Zvika Gor. 
  • will require medical permission to perform physical activity from the family doctor.
  • Preference is given to participants who live in the Ono Valley and the surrounding area.
  • At the end of the project, the students will be awarded a "training for sports therapists in remote training for Parkinson's patients" certificate.

Contestants who do not qualify for participation in the project

  • People who receive nursing hours from National Insurance.
  • People with active oncological disease.
  • People with difficulties in orientation in space and time.
  • Discharged from hospital within the last two months.

Exercise and enjoy

Prof. Ella Bin
Authority of the sports therapy department
Faculty of Health Professions, Ono Academic Campus 

Eyal Levy
Director of the Parkinson's Association in Israel

Preliminary questionnaire for those who sign up for physical activity on Zoom