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Research site - Parkinson Israel

Online research Parkinson Israel

Share your families in online research! Register on the Parkinson Israel website and take an active part in the fight to prevent the disease.

In 2021, a unique research website was launched at Tel Aviv University to identify populations at risk of developing Parkinson's:Parkinson Israel". The site is part of the activity of Prof. Nir Giladi at the Opzine Center at Tel Aviv University.

Background on the edge of the fork: the prevalence of the disease in Israel is twice its prevalence in the world, mainly due to unique genetic components among the Jewish population. We estimate that approximately 300,000 healthy people are at risk of developing Parkinson's. Although most of those diagnosed are 50 years old or older, even younger people can develop the disease and it is diagnosed after the manifestation of early signs, which often appear many years before the diagnosis.

the site, Parkinson Israel, addresses the entire adult Israeli population that is not diagnosed with Parkinson's, and especially to relatives of diagnosed patients with the aim of sharing that population at risk in an effort to promote its prevention and detect early signs.

What is required of a research participant?

Registration on the research website - At the end of registration, you must fill out an initial survey questionnaire that will appear automatically.

 We urge you to take part in spreading the news about the site and encouraging the older family members to take an active part in the fight against the disease!

Visit the site now: