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We have collected for you the best experts who will write blogs on various topics in the field of Parkinson's, here you can read articles and ask questions (general and not personal) on the relevant topics in which the blogs are conducted and receive answers directly from the best experts in the field. To read the content of the blog - click on the image. At the end of each article - there is a place to write a comment or a question for the expert.

Marriage and family therapist social worker, Noya Geva

Be a primary caregiver

In the current post I will deal with the subject of "the main caregiver of the patient". An important issue

DBS for Parkinson's, Dr. Ahineam Tseuger

DBS for Parkinson's

Where to implant the electrode?

Target sites for brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease There are two target sites

DBS for Parkinson's

Technological innovations in DBS

Innovations related to electrodes and pacemaker (IPG) the most important factor for success

DBS for Parkinson's

History of DBS

Deep brain stimulation (DBS=DEEP BRAIN STIMULATION) A little history... Hello

Physical activity and physiotherapy, Dr. Galit Yogev Seligman

Patients' rights, Adv. Rafael Almog

nursing claims
Expert blog

Nursing insurances

As we know, Parkinson's disease is a progressive disease that affects the functional status of

Disability claims
Expert blog

Disability insurance

It is important for us to work and provide for his family with dignity. Many Parkinson's patients

Exemption from income tax
Expert blog

Exemption from income tax

Disabled people in Israel, including many Parkinson's patients, can receive a tax exemption

Digital medicine, Dr. Simon Israeli Koren