The Israeli Society for Movement Disorders

The Society for Movement Disorders unites all the neurologists who specialize in movement disorders - who treat Parkinson's patients and is part of the Neurological Association of the Israel Medical Association.

The goals of the company and its fields of activity:

  1. Promotion and development of the field of movement disorders from the clinical, research and teaching aspect;
  2. Representing the field of diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders in Israel and promoting its recognition at the professional and public level;
  3. Fostering relationships and cooperation between those involved in the treatment of headaches in Israel and maintaining an ethical-professional level;
  4. Cultivating professional and scientific relationships with similar companies and organizations abroad.
  5. Representing the field of movement disorders and promoting its recognition at the professional and public level

The director of the company is Dr. Gilad Yahlom
The committee members are:
Prof. Tanya Gurevich - Sorsky Medical Center, Ichilov
Prof. Ruth Geldati - Rabin Medical Center, Blinson
Dr. Yair Zlotnik - Soroka Medical Center
Dr. Meir Kestenbaum - Meir Kfar Saba Medical Center

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