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Lectures and interviews

The link to the recording of Yitzhak Noi on Network B, on July 11.7.2020, 1 - move to time point 16:00:16 (one hour and XNUMX minutes)


Parkinson's: characteristics, causes and prevalence - MAKO article


Prof. Korzin's last interview with the late Prof. Eldad Melamed


Dr. Zlotnik of Soroka answers listeners' questions - Radio Darom

Dr. Zlotnik from Soroka, who specializes in Parkinson's. 27/06/2014

Early diagnosis of Parkinson's through handwriting

Developed by Prof. Sarah Rosenblum from the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Haifa 


Interesting lecture - Going Beyond Dopamine 

The lecturer is the R & D director of the MJ FOX Foundation


Dr. Ilana Schlesinger of Maimonides on the treatment of tremors using non-invasive ultrasound cauterization

The treatment has already been approved for use by the FDA in the USA and the Ministry of Health in Israel. The interview also mentions the possibility of a possible treatment for the pain resulting from Parkinson's, but the disease has many other symptoms about which nothing has yet been said. To view it, click on the red title. 4/12/2013

TED – Lecture on the effectiveness of DBS

without Hebrew translation. 21/04/2013

Interview with Prof. Nir Giladi - for Channel 2

Prof. Nir Giladi, Director of the Neurological Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center, and Dr. Anat Mirelman, Clinical Director of the Virtual Reality Gait Rehabilitation Service on the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's. 18/04/2013

Lecture on Parkinson's disease - Dr. Ilana Schlesinger

Below is the link to the recorded lecture by Dr. Ilana Schlesinger, director of the movement disorders unit at the Rambam Medical Center on Parkinson's disease. The duration of the lecture is 50 minutes. 3/01/2013