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Due to the complexity of the subject and due to the differences between individuals, this information should not be considered qualified advice.
Despite considerable efforts on its part, the association is not responsible for the reliability, credibility and accuracy of the details provided in this section. Also, there is no promise of obtaining any rights in this section.

How to begin?

The rights and benefits section is designed to help patients navigate the tangle of information and bureaucracy.
We strongly recommend that you thoroughly study the issue before contacting the authorities.

It is recommended to start from:

  1. Get in touch with "Yad Miorita" - consultation and preparation for medical committees of the National Insurance - to schedule an appointment *2496
  2. Check your rights according to your medical condition in the "National Rights Engine" at the link:
  3. Read the The blog of Adv. Rafael Almog.
  4. Rights of Parkinson's patients in Israel: the guide that will sort you out. Click here for the guide...
  5. The veteran civil rights hotline Tel: *8840
  6. every right - For a comprehensive database for exercising rights...


Social Security

Parkinson's patients are granted many rights by the National Insurance, among them:

  1. disability from work
  2. Mobility allowance
  3. Special services for the disabled
  4. disability rules
  5. Professional rehabilitation, and more.

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The patient's rights from the National Insurance

The following is important information on the issue of how Parkinson's patients deal with the National Insurance, from engineer Danny Marko, a member of the association.

This article deals with three topics:

  1. General Disability Allowance and Special Services (Sharam)
  2. Exemption from income tax
  3. Dealing with the National Insurance and insurance companies.

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The website of the Association for Patient Rights in Israel

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Association membership card

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Rights of Parkinson's patients in Israel: the guide that will sort you out - Adv. Rafael Almog (click on the title for the guide...)

Disability allowance and tax exemption under certain conditions are only some of the benefits to which Parkinson's patients are entitled. You will find information about this in this review and also in the comprehensive professional guide compiled by attorney Rafael Almog.
Parkinson's disease is a severe chronic disease that usually affects people 40 years old and later, and its prevalence increases with age. Those affected by the disease suffer from gradual degeneration of the nervous system, and as a result, their ability to move and their physical, mental and mental functioning deteriorate over time. Unfortunately, at some point, Parkinson's patients may lose their ability to function independently.

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Handicapped parking ticket and license fee exemption

A disabled person is entitled to a parking ticket who is one of the following:

  1. A disabled person who needs a car as a means of transportation because of his disabled legs.
  2. A disabled person whose level of disability reaches at least 60% and his movement on the roads without a car may undermine his health.
  3. A disabled person who is limited in walking and needs a wheelchair for his mobility.

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General disability allowance - Adv. Navot

General disability allowance - what it is and who is entitled to it
Written by attorney Barak Navot

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Mobility allowance

Mobility benefit provides various benefits to those who have leg impairments that limit their mobility, and this is to help them integrate into the community and develop an independent life. The amount of benefits depends on a number of factors, including: the percentage of mobility disability, car ownership, possession of a driver's license, whether the insured receives a salary, and what is the travel distance from his place of work.

Insurance companies

It is important to make sure that you have all the policies for all the insurances in which you are insured. Contact your insurance agent or the company where you are/were employed and ask for the policies.

How to choose a consultant and how much does it cost?

A paid consultant is not always necessary. Sometimes it's a simple procedure that you can do yourself, like filling out a simple form. Experience shows that new patients tend to hire a consultant in the first stages, and later manage on their own. If you still decide to take a paid consultant, you will meet with several consultants and get price quotes from them, ask for names of recommenders and negotiate with the consultants. The price is not low: between 15% and 25% of the money received in most cases, plus 16% VAT.