Rights of Parkinson's patients in Israel 2022

Parkinson's contender - you have rights!

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The Parkinson's patient may be granted a variety of rights, which are granted by various factors and conditioned by the state of his illness and also by his personal status such as age, employment status, salary or pension, as will be clarified below.

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The address for finding medical rights for diseases in general, including Parkinson's, is first of all the National Insurance, the Division for General Disability. The Parkinson's patient may be granted a variety of rights, which are conditioned on the state of his illness and also on his personal status such as age, employment status, salary or pension, as will be clarified below.

A request to recognize any disability as entitling the patient to any benefit begins with an assessment of his medical and functional condition by a medical committee. The committee's results are the key to receiving the rights and benefits the patient deserves. The importance of appearing before the medical committee should not be underestimated. She makes a difference in everything that concerns the patient's medical rights.

A separate medical committee is needed for each type of benefit (that is, a committee is needed for an allowance, a dedicated committee is needed for mobility, and a separate committee is needed for tax exemption). Each type of committee should be prepared with an emphasis on the benefit the applicant wants to receive.

Parkinson's patients have a special challenge related to the nature of the disease:

  1. At the committee, the patient appears when he is ON and functioning well, the patient must illustrate to the members of the committee what his condition is like when the drugs do not have an effect and what part of the day he is OFF. Assuming that there is no intention to appear before the committee in the OFF state on purpose, the illustration is a challenge.
  2. Parkinson's is not just the tremors and stiffness, but it affects many systems in the body that contribute to the patient's functional limitations. It is important that the true situation is fully presented.

Therefore, it is recommended to back up the request with supporting medical documents and even with videos of OFF situations: attach medical certificates, results of medical tests, etc.

For example, you can submit medical summaries and current condition from the treating neurologist (preferably from a neurologist specializing in movement disorders) that will accurately describe the diagnosis and the medication dosages. A letter from an expert urologist, if there is a chronic urinary tract problem caused by Parkinson's, an opinion from a psychiatrist if there is depression accompanying the disease, a letter from a gastroenterologist if there is chronic constipation caused by Parkinson's, etc. You can even take a picture of yourself in off mode and show the video during the committee, as far as this is possible.

It is necessary to consider "putting things on the table": in fact, the committee has no real ability to know what the objective condition of a Parkinson's patient is and there is no independent standard that can be used to decide on his ability to function, with the exception of the medications the patient is taking. The medication mix is ​​a possible indication of the severity of the disease. You can consider mentioning this to the committee (although the medical letter includes the medication mix, you can mention it orally to the committee and ask that they take this detail into account)

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You can file a claim on the National Insurance website by attaching documents...