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new patients

You have just been informed that you have Parkinson's disease.

You must be shocked and still can't digest it.

Here on the site we will try to make your search for answers easier.

Parkinson's disease is characterized by tremors in the limbs, muscle stiffness, balance problems and physical and mental slowness. The disease is named after the British doctor James Parkinson, who first described the disease in 1817. Parkinson's is a syndrome with unique characteristics for each and every person and it is up to you to decide how to direct your life. Yes, it is absolutely possible to live a good and happy life even with Parkinson's.

The information on the site is designed to give you knowledge, understanding and power. This way you can take an active part in dealing with the disease, and get tools to live with Parkinson's in the best possible way. Also, it is highly recommended to join the association that manages and operates Parkinson's communities nationwide, as well as a wide variety of sports activities as part of the daily needs of those dealing with the disease

"The road is long and winding, I fall and get up, fall and get up." The main thing is to keep getting up"

So before you start, we highly recommend entering the benefits club ( which is subsidized for members of the association, and start physical activities as part of your life routine - from now on a sports activity routine is necessary every day and some would say all day. 

Here are some contents that we recommend you look at:

You're not alone!!  For any questions, you can contact the "hotline of the Parkinson's Association in Israel" cancel:  054–6125043

Eyal Levy

CEO of the Parkinson's Association in Israel