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The Israeli Parkinson's Conference 2021

The Parkinson's Association in Israel, in collaboration with the Opzine Center for the Treatment and Prevention of Parkinson's at Tel Aviv University, held on Thursday, April 29, 2021, the Israeli Parkinson's Conference 2021, which was held this year in an innovative and digital format. 
The conference concluded the variety of activities held as part of the "International Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month".
The conference program consisted of five content complexes, which took place simultaneously on a digital platform, under the guidance of neurologists specializing in movement disorders, researchers and health professionals from all over the country.


The division of the complexes:

  1. Scientific lectures - live and intended for researchers, doctors, students and people in the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Lectures for the general public - recorded, deal with current treatments and new technologies and are intended for those dealing with the disease, family members and health professionals.
  3. Recorded practice and learning workshops - intended for the general public and deal with movement, voice, nutrition, medications, sexology, non-motor symptoms, mental and social coping, and more.
  4. "Round tables" - intimate interactive meetings with medical and paramedical professionals, who dealt with various manifestations of the disease and dealing with them. (up to 20 people in each meeting).
  5. Exhibition - display of works of art created by the community facing the disease.
  6. The contents of the conference (apart from round tables) are recorded and will be available for viewing even after the event - see below

The organizing committee:

Prof. Sharon Hasin (Mr. Shiba and TAU), Prof. Nir Giladi (Marta and TAU), Prof. Keren Avraham (TAU), Dr. Yael Menor (Marta and Ono Academic College), D Dr. Panina Weiss (Occupational Clinic, Dr. Rabin), Yuval Levithan-Marchos (Physiotherapist, Dr. Sheba), Noya Geva (Attorney, Dr. Tel Aviv), Gila Bruner (Sexologist, Dr. Lis ), Eyal Levy (Parkinson's Association in Israel), Tzipi Sheesh (Parkinson's Association in Israel).

The recorded content of the conference: