BSPD conference

The 14th brainstorming conference for Parkinson's disease, Brainstorming Parkinson's disease. The conference is organized by the Opzine Foundation and the Parkinson's Association in Israel.

At the conference, neurologists specializing in movement disorders and Parkinson's disease researchers in Israel meet and discuss research and clinical issues in Parkinson's disease
The organizing team:

  • Prof. Amos Korzin
  • Prof. Keren Avraham - Tel Aviv University and Opzain Foundation
  • Prof. Nir Giladi, Tel Aviv University and Opzain Foundation
  • Forpe Avi Marmor - Technion
  • Dr. Nirit Lev, Beih Meir
  • Gilad Yahlum Street, Sha'are Zedek Street, Jerusalem

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