Exhaustion of rights

Patient rights

The complete evaluation for the exploitation of rights for Parkinson's patients

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The court recognized the Parkinson's of a sewing machine technician as an occupational disease

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State insurance

 The rights of the Parkinson's contender within the framework of state health insurance

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The complete guide to patient rights

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Guiding Hand

Consulting and preparation for medical committees of the National Insurance.
to make an appointment 2496*


The website of the Association for Patient Rights in Israel

The site contains information on dozens of assistance services on behalf of patient organizations, information on central rights, opinion articles and important updates. read more…


The National Rights Engine

Do you deserve rights from the state? Let the rights engine check for you! 
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Hiring a foreign worker - every right

How do you get a permit to employ a foreign worker in nursing, and what are the working conditions he deserves?
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Patient Rights Blog - Attorney Rafael Almog

The oldest civil rights guide in Israel

The oldest civil rights guide in Israel

All the important information in one booklet. Most of the rights, benefits and services you deserve. By virtue of being senior citizens in the State of Israel. read more…

nursing claims

The rights of the senior citizen

The veteran civil rights center.
contact phone number: 8840*


Attorney Almog rights guide file

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All health

Do I deserve to receive a medical service that I need according to the instructions of the attending physician? How much does the service cost me? What should I do? read more…