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A video by Itzik Shaham

The personal story of Itzik Shaham and his dealings with the disease.
Itzik arrived with his wife Hana at the Kiryat branch and the Haifa branch,
He showed the video and gave explanations before and after.
The members had a great time, and enriched their knowledge about the disease and how to deal with it, and were very encouraged.

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Got Parkinson's at the age of 39 - "I didn't cry for Mr. Fate"

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Roni Gilboa "Strong Hand"

Roni took a pilot course, was a partner in a series of secret plans and operations beyond enemy lines, and has successful high-tech companies and patents to his name on his resume. But what is most impressive in Roni Gilboa's life is the way he overcomes his illness • "Take yourself in your hands - even if they are shaking".



Itzik Oren, "I don't have Parkinson's, I'm dealing with Parkinson's"

Everyone deals with Parkinson's disease in their own way. Of course there is no right or wrong way. At the same time, when people manage to look at the glass half full and grow out of the disease, this may strengthen other people who are also dealing with Parkinson's disease.

An example of positive coping with the disease is the words of Itzik Oren, "I don't have Parkinson's, I'm dealing with Parkinson's."
If you have an inspiring and optimistic story, Click here to email it to us, and we will be happy to publish it on the website. The story of Jeris Mehul, Superpharm employee, commercial manager at Tamra branch:

The artist who was "born" from the disease

On her 50th birthday, Tzipi Sheesh (63) received bitter news: you have Parkinson's disease.,7340,L-5040683,00.html


The Birkon rowing team where everyone has Parkinson's,7340,L-5012023,00.html



Aalona Golan Sadan's book was published - "Parkinson? You made me laugh...

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The song "The Secret" by Tamar Malka

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A Parkinson's patient named Roni Gilboa

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Liron, father's daughter, faces together

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I chose life - Dr. Yael Friedler

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Art gives me the strength and passion for life - Tzipi Sis 

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Breaking the bond of silence among the young patients - Revital Shimonoff 

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The personal miracle - Guy Yohanan

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Guy Yohanan was selected as Global Heroes of 2014

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Yael Friedler - Parkinson's: "I chose life"

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"I create - means I still exist" - Dr. Ariel Arieli

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Haya Egor - life is everything

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The story of Amir Carmin as published in preparation for Parkinson's Day on 7.4.13/XNUMX/XNUMX

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