Summer seminar 2022 - Golden Crown Nazareth

The Parkinson's Association in Israel is happy to invite you 
To participate in the association's summer seminar that will be held:

at the Golden Crown Hotel Nazareth

From Sunday August 28 to Thursday September 1, 2022,
   Sunday - Thursday in Elul XNUMX


Cancellation clauses

  • A participant who announces the cancellation of the registration for the seminar by 21/8 - exemption from payment of cancellation fees.
  • A participant who announces the cancellation of participation in the week before 29/8 (from 22/8) other than for medical reasons will be charged a cancellation fee of 10% of the payment (if the cancellation is for medical reasons - no cancellation fee will be charged)
  • In the event that the seminar is canceled due to the instructions of the Ministry of Health (Corona or any other reason) - no cancellation fees will be charged and the money will be returned to the participants.

Golden Crown Hotel Nazareth for a month during the Corona period
And the rooms, the conference halls and the spa were renovated.
Accommodation for four nights (five days) on a half-board basis (XNUMX. morning + XNUMX. evening)
Lunch will be served on the day of arrival only
For those interested, an additional gym for daily use at no cost.

Meal prices
A couple in a room - NIS 3866
Single room - NIS 3333
Three in a room - 4999 NIS
Double room for carers - 3500 NIS (1750 per carer)
Transportation from home and back - 100 NIS per passenger
Payment terms: up to four payments by credit card

Participation in the seminar is guaranteed only after payment has been made Practice

Members who have not yet paid membership taxes in 2022
Please do this as soon as possible - for payment options please click here…

or by contacting the association's treasurer, Mr. Gershon Kleiman
Tal. 03-5743491 Email –
On Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, at 21:00 - 19:0

for early registration

Members who find it difficult to bear the cost of participating in the seminar,
They will submit a request for a discount to the association's treasurer, Mr. Gershon Kleiman

Tal. 03-5743491 on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays at 21:00 - 19:00,
An answer to the acceptance / rejection of the application will be given about a week after the end of the registration for the seminar.

To read and print detailed conditions and costs click here...