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Branches and departments

Branch Manager: Meir Halfon


Classes and activities

  • Weekly meetings, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
    • Mondays Between the hours of 11:30 - 13.30:26 at the "Neva Yonatan" community center, XNUMX Uziel St. Ashdod.
      The meeting is divided into two:
      • Social meeting, where we will hear lectures on various matters, serve as a support group and enjoy entertainment programs.
      • In the second part of the meeting physical activity, in which we will experience therapeutic yoga adapted to those facing Parkinson's, or in seated gymnastics exercises and the like.
        Tai-chi activity adapted for Parkinson's patients
    • Tuesdays Between the hours of 10.00 and 12.00 at the "Neva Yonathan" community center, 26 Uziel St. Ashdod. We meet at 10.00 for Pilates adapted to Parkinson's, and at 11.00 we continue with an aerobics activity with dancing to the sounds of our favorite music. At the meetings, light refreshments and hot and cold drinks for your enjoyment
    • Wednesdays Table tennis class (Ping Pong Parkinson)
      Held once a week on Wednesday mornings in the sports hall of "Chazon Yaakov" school
      Branch meetings. Before each meeting, the branch manager distributes a summons in the WhatsApp group detailing the topic, and a reminder goes out before the meeting itself.


social events
Trips, holiday receptions and other events. Held according to an annual plan.

Dedicated classes

  •  "Workshop for caregiver spouses"
  • Physiotherapy department
  • A support group for the girls of a pair of contestants
  • Friends Club - the club will host social gatherings, conversations on interesting topics, and not only on Parkinson's, sessions, public singing, lectures, etc. Before each meeting, an agenda will be distributed on WhatsApp to members who have registered for the club.


Branch Manager: Rachel Makhlouf


The hydrotherapy class at the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon is subsidized for members of the association

For details…

Click here to read an article about the branch...

Branch Manager: Yossi Reich Community Manager



Please call the hotline for details: 054-6125043

Classes and activities:

  1. Taichi class on Thursdays at 9.00-10.00 in Herzliya, the health unit, 49 Ibn Gvirol.
  2. Support group on Thursdays once every two weeks at 10.00-11.00 at the health unit Ibn Gvirol 49 Herzliya.
  3. Nordic walking - on Fridays at 08.00:XNUMX in Herzliya Park. Subject to pre-registration. Edna Tal.   050-5770899 

Branch manager: Debbie Levin


Classes and activities:




Physiotherapy at the general health fund "Degani" in Hadera - at 12.00 open to members of all health funds. For details, please contact the telephone person:  050-5202245


Physiotherapy in Binyamina at 11.00:XNUMX a.m. For details, please contact Mirev by phone  050-2506371


Hydrotherapy in the pool, Kibbutz Givat Haim Meuhed at 8.45 in the morning. For details, please contact the parking lot by phone:   050-8691159
For details and registration...

Branch manager: Ahuva Lakish


Classes and activities: 

Weekly meetings, on Sundays, between the hours of 16:30 - 19.00:64 at the Day Center for the Elderly at 17 Ma'afilim Street. For those coming with a private car - the parking address is: XNUMX Alharizi Street.

Each meeting will be divided into two:

  • A social gathering, where we hear lectures on various matters, serve as a support group and enjoy entertainment programs.
  • Physical activity, in which we will experience physical therapy, sitting exercises, etc. (according to the wishes and abilities of the members).

Branch manager - Haim Meir


Classes and activities:

To view the 2022 summary presentation of the Haifa branch...

To view the 2023 summary presentation of the Haifa branch...

Branch activities include:

Branch meetings
In which interesting topics for the coping program are presented, or participants' activities are carried out. 1-2 meetings per month, except for "special" months (holidays, seminar, etc.). Before each meeting, the branch sends out a summons detailing the topic by email, and before the meeting itself, a reminder is sent via a computer message.
For updates and questions you can contact Irit Pascal 050-9926055.

Dedicated classes
Activity continues on selected topics, for which interested branch members register. On the agenda today (June 2023):

A rehabilitative dance group for people with Parkinson's
A program that combines dance with movement therapy, under the guidance of Tamar Seroka. It takes place once a week on Friday mornings at Abba Khushi's house. For details and registration you can contact Tamar Seruka  054-4660626

Physiotherapy department
Under the guidance of Gal Ha'Meiri, a physiotherapist experienced in working with people with Parkinson's. Held once a week on Mondays in the afternoon at Beit Abba Khushi. For details and registration you can contact Gal Ha'Meiri 050-2022305, Meir Haim 052-379310

Dance class for Parkinson's
Guided by Shirley and Alma from Ronnie Feld's team. Held once a week on Tuesday afternoon at Beit Abba Khushi. You can contact Meir Haim 052-3793109, or to Irit Pascal
050-9926055, For details and registration for members of the association...

Table tennis class
It takes place once a week on Sundays in Bo'ek at the Begin community center on Soroka St. in Haifa, under the guidance of Oshri, who previously won the national championship twice.
For details and registration you can contact:
My happiness 050-8435510, or Meir Haim 052-5793109 
For details…

Neurodance dance class
For details…

A support group for the girls of a pair of contestants

Under the guidance of Yael Paschatsky-Rom, clinical attorney, certified group facilitator. There are two meetings per month, on Mondays in the evening at Beit Abba-Hoshi. For details and registration, contact Yael Paschatsky-Rom 052-5216668

social events

Trips, holiday receptions and other events. Held according to an annual plan.
For questions, you can contact Tami Hadhi
052-3511907, or to Irit Pascal 050-9926055

Friends club
"MIG" (Tuesday Club) is held once a week on Tuesdays in the morning at the Ramot Begin Community Center, 35 Soroka St., Ramot Begin, Haifa. The club hosts social gatherings, conversations on interesting topics, sessions, public singing, lectures, etc. Before each meeting, an agenda is distributed on WhatsApp to members who have registered for the club.
For updates and questions, you can contact Pia Pudushin 054-4807427

Click here for a presentation on the Haifa branch... 

Branch manager: Dorit Hayman


Classes and activities 

Hermon branch regular weekly meetings:


  • Morning ping pong class - under the guidance of a former sports teacher volunteer at Beit Hillel 
  • In the afternoon, a voice therapy workshop led by Gal Eliyahu, a communication therapist in Kfar Blum 


  • Afternoons - hydrotherapy pool in the group at the hydrotherapy center in the entrances of Hermon 


  • A morning of group physiotherapy treatments sponsored by the General Hospital Fund 
  • Afternoon - support workshop for family members led by professional volunteer Avital Erni in Kfar Blum. 


  • Central activity Weekly meeting for the whole group on Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Location from the Moboat Hermon community center Agenda:
  •  8:00-9:30 Pilates (voluntary training) and ping pong led by professional coach Shahar Gilad
  •  9:45-10:45 Lecture/workshop/activity on a very large variety of topics


Click to view the branch presentation...

Branch manager - Giora Zohar


Classes and activities:

Regular weekly meeting
Every Monday at 10.00 - 13.00

"Youth Center", 26 Shaked Street, Tiberias.

On the agenda

  1. Gathering, refreshments and regular updates
  2. Lecture / workshop / activity - on various topics
  3. Physical activity - Qigong, Feldenkrais, Tai Chi, dance
  4.  Support group - girls and couples with a social worker - meeting once a month.
  5. Physiotherapy treatments in a group sponsored by the General Hospital Fund.

Click here to view a summary of this year's activities...

Branch manager - Miri Shaner

Tal: 054-4533643

Branch manager - Daniel Dahan

Tal. 054-2323640

Classes and activities:

  • Monthly subscription for ping pong training in Jerusalem For details…
  • Subscription subsidized by the association to a gym - The Heidi Rothberg Center for Sports Medicine, Shaarei Zedek, Jerusalem Click here…
  • Group dance class in Jerusalem - Studio 6 For details…

Branch manager: Judit Ehrenreich


Classes and activities:

Social club

  1. The purpose of the club: to provide a meeting place and support for contestants and their spouses through classes, lectures and a variety of other activities.
  2. Meeting time: every week on Wednesdays at 17:00-19:00

Meeting place*:

    • Beit Savion in Kfar Saba: 48 Azar St. Kfar Saba
    • Volunteer House in Hod Hasharon: Jabotinsky 6, corner of Hod Hasharon Middle Road
  • * The meeting is held in accordance with the Corona guidelines of the Ministry of Health.


List of support classes and workshops Kfar Saba Hod Hasharon branch


  • In the Rishonim Center, Rupin 36, Kas
  • At 10:00 a.m. Parkinson's adapted gymnastics with Aggie Yeager
  • At 11:00 another group of Parkinson's adapted gymnastics with Aggie Yeager.
    For details, please contact Aggie Yager by phone: 052-6722074 
  • At 10:00 speech therapy with Anat Zeit
  • At 11:00 another group of speech therapy with Anat Zeit.
  • For details, please contact Anat Zeit by phone: 050-9521506 



  • At 14:00 - 16:00, contestants and members of the branch are invited to participate in the "Zoom Brina" voice, singing and rhythm group moderated by Pnina Kosman. For details, please contact Pnina Kusman by phone:



  • At the volunteer's house, 6 Jabotinsky Street, corner of the Middle Path, Hod Hasharon, at 12:00 Physiotherapy tailored for Parkinson's sufferers with Sarah Finn. For details, please contact Sara Finn by phone: 054-4870505


In Beit Izzy Shapira in Ra'anana




Branch Manager: Albert Ben Abu


Branch manager: Gila Galter


Section manager: Ruth Yosef 


Branch Manager: Shalom Hamo


Click here to view the presentation: Summary of Parkinson's Warriors 2023 activities 

Classes and activities:

  • 1600 - table tennis 
  • 1700 – Yoga
  • Both at the Kelaniot community center, 9 Hativat Harel St., Netanya


  • 1200 - table tennis at Rakfat community center, 25 Sokolov St., Netanya


  • 1045 - Hydrotherapy in Ramat Polg pool, Netanya


  • 0900 – table tennis
  • 1100 – Tai Chi
  • Both at the Rakfat community center, 25 Sokolov St., Netanya


  • 0945 – Physiotherapy for advanced students
  • 1100 – Physiotherapy
  • Both at the Rakfat community center, 25 Sokolov St., Netanya

For details, please call:

Branch manager: Jordana Ben Haim


Classes and activities:
All classes are held at Kibbutz Mazra.

  • Weekly meetings on "Sev Yom" in Kibbutz Mizra
  • Sunday hydrotherapy at 11:15
  • Wednesday group physical therapy at 11:00 with Gal Ha'Meiri


Branch Manager: Yitzhak Guetta


Deputy Branch Manager: Yaffe Weinstein


Classes and activities

  • Ping Pong Petah Tikva, For details…
  • A weekly meeting (at Beit "Mazli", a retired club), on Thursdays from 15:45 pm for about an hour. In the sessions, gymnastics is combined according to interest with the help of sticks, balls and hoops. Sometimes lectures or a game of bocce (throwing balls).
  • on Tuesdays. Ping pong from 14:00 for two hours takes place at the sports club of the municipality of Petah Tikva


The manager of the Zemadim Artzi branch: Tzipi Goldberger 


If you are over the age of 50: the association's youth community is an address for you as well. Together we will work to create an optimal quality of life routine over time for the contestant and his relatives. read more…

Branch manager: Orna Basan


Classes and activities: 

  •  The branch meetings are held approximately once every two weeks, in Kiryat Bialik, Beit Yad Labanim, 28 Ephraim Street.
  • A rehabilitative dance group was opened for those dealing with Parkinson's disease, at the Goshen community center near the fountain, once a week - Thursdays at 17:00 p.m.
    Teacher: Tamar Soroka - Tel: 054-4660626 - for details and registration. Welcome to join.
  • table tennis club, For details…


Branch Manager: Orly Hayon



Rishon LeZion ping pong club For details…

Branch manager: Aryeh Sommer


Ping pong club in the streets For details…

Branch manager: Omar Itzik


Classes and activities:

Classes in Ra'anana - 114 Hagana St


  • 16:30 Gymnastics with Sarah
  • 17:30 Speech therapist (speech / swallowing) with Julie
  • 18:00 - 19:00 starting from 15-10-2023 - dancing with fun
    • Ben Zvi Community Center Ra'anana, dealing with Parkinson's
    • Movement and dance for people with Parkinson's under the guidance of Esti Politinsky Perianti
    • Price: NIS 50 per month
    • For the registration of the municipality...
      In the payer's ID link, enter the name of the center - Ben Zvi Community Center and click on search. and then the department and the requested group and the personal details. waiting for you
  • Once every two weeks - support files with Asnet


Branch Manager: Ronit Ben Asher


General classes and other activities

11-11-2019 in Herzliya - Gyrokinetics - a unique treatment for dealing with Parkinson's - the method helps restore and improve the quality of life of the contestants
 through a variety of unique practices. 
Click here for details...

12-09-2018 in Haifa – Argentine tango Dedicated to those dealing with Parkinson's disease
Click here for details...

25-06-2018 Dance To the music of the Barzilai Hospital, the dance club for Parkinson's patients at the Barzilai Hospital
For details click here…

15-06-2018 Nordic walking course in Ra'anana The possibility of organizing in a group of members of the association
For details click...

03-06-2018 The first branch in Israel of The ROCK STEADY BOXING method, which usesBoxing as an aid and healing tool for Parkinson's patients Opened about a week ago at the community sports center in Belv
To the full article…

06-06-2018 in Haifa – Weekly dance class Tuesdays 17:30 p.m 
For details click...

Contemporary dance for people with Parkinson's
For details click...​​