Parkinson A - T

"Being diagnosed with Parkinson's does not mean giving up. Taking medication does not mean weakness or failure.

On the contrary This means that you accept the challenge and take command of the disease." Dr. Susie Rowe

Unfortunately, there are still no drugs and treatments that cure Parkinson's disease, but there are a variety of treatment drugs that dramatically alleviate the symptoms of the disease. When the doctor recommends a course of treatment, he decides how much the symptoms disrupt the patient's life and adapts the treatment to his special situation. Since no two patients react in the same way to any drug, one must be patient and patient until the exact dosage is found. Even after finding the right dose, the relief of symptoms can be only partial.

In the early stages of Parkinson's disease, doctors often begin treatment with a drug or a combination of drugs with milder side effects, such as anticholinergics or amantadine, saving the strongest drugs, especially levodopa, for the stage when they will be needed the most.

This page partially presents the medications and treatments currently given to Parkinson's patients. We do our best to update the page to include as many medications and treatments as possible.