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Association activities

Ping pong training at Maccabi Ramat Gan

Table tennis project for Parkinson's contestants - ping pong PPPil

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Close up restoration

The Parkinson Bishkal Association provides its members with subsidized and discounted arrangements for physical activity and physical therapy treatments nationwide. read more…


Remote rehabilitation 2022

Speech and swallowing rehabilitation subsidy. The clinic provides a multidisciplinary rehabilitation solution through internet platforms to provide online rehabilitation to the patient at home. read more…


Expert blog

Essays questions and answers. Brain stimulation, marital and reproductive therapy, physical activity and physiotherapy, patient's rights. read more…



A set of classes for physical activity in Zoom. Classes and instructors, discounts for association members. read more…


My Parkinson's Journey

Here you can tell everyone and read inspiring and hopeful stories of people dealing with Parkinson's. read more…


Youth branch

If you are under the age of 55: the association's youth community is also an address for you. Together we will work to create an optimal quality of life routine over time for the contestant and his relatives. read more…


Escorting a new contestant

These days, the Parkinson's Association in Israel is expanding the support tracks for contestants and developing a dedicated track for support and personal accompaniment for new contestants. read more…


Association support workshops

The association has a variety of support workshops. read more…


Join the Parkinson community - list of branches

To provide a meeting place and support for contestants and their spouses through classes, lectures and a variety of other activities. read more…


Exercise at Wingate

Exercise for Parkinson's Challengers at Wingate Academic College. Physical activity is extremely important in dealing with Parkinson's disease. read more…


New contestants

You have just been informed that you have Parkinson's disease. Here on the site we will try to make your search for answers easier. read more…


A kit for self-management of the disease

We adopted the approach that speaks of the fact that a patient who takes responsibility for his illness and manages it, feels essential, influential and valuable. read more…



parkinson friend's benefits club

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10 recommendations for the contestant

10 recommendations: do's and don'ts. read more…