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Exercise for Parkinson's patients

Much is said about physical activity for Parkinson's patients. Until a few years ago, there was no research support for the connection between the two. Today it is clear and proven: physical activity helps to maintain the physical condition of the body and even affects the mood and even the cognition. The spectrum of physiological disabilities among the patients is extremely broad and so is the mix of physical activities suitable for one or another patient.

The rule of thumb regarding the recommended length of time for physical activity means that such activity should be engaged in at least approximately 200 minutes per week cumulatively. That is, about 40-50 minutes, 4-5 times a week at least.

It is desirable to diversify the types of activity. Running or vigorous walking, exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles and maintain their flexibility. Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy are also considered highly effective sports activities. More limited patients will do what is possible: exercises while sitting or lying down, or with the help of a chair and other furniture.

It is recommended to consult with a fitness trainer, or with a physical therapist (preferably physical therapists who have been trained to work with Parkinson's patients) regarding the type of exercises, the level of difficulty and the desired training structure.

Amir Carmin
Chairman of the association

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Physical activity subsidized by the Parkinson's Association in Israel in a variety of fields - close-up rehabilitation >>>  click here 
 Parkint - program of physical activity classes >>>  click here 

Physiogroup - specialist physiotherapists 
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"Physical activity is very important in Parkinson's disease. Different types of activity benefit the patients - focus on flexibility, agility, stability and also on strengthening and general fitness. Exercise should be performed almost daily, or at least 3-5 times a week. There are also patients who need a coach/physiotherapist to come to their home for activation."
Dr. Sharon Hassin, Director of the Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Clinic, Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center.

Correct practice in your living room

A video prepared by the multidisciplinary team from the Movement Disorders Unit in Ichilov intended for patients who are interested in practicing different body functions at home. The video includes:

  • Emphasis on safety while performing the exercises - please pay attention
  • Physiotherapy exercises - Dr. Noait Inbar, physiotherapist
  • Movement and dance exercises - Roni Peled, movement therapist
  • Voice exercises - Abia Terry, singer and voice development teacher
  • Steering limb exercises and face massage - Dina Shapont, speech therapist
  • Exercises from the world of LSVT - Dr. Yael Menor, speech therapist 
  • Songs - Abia
  • Encouragement - Prof. Tanya Gurvitz, neurologist and director of the movement disorders unit

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The members of the Parkinson's association and the management sincerely thank the team of the traffic disorders center in Tel Aviv for an important and useful video prepared for the benefit of those dealing with Parkinson's. Best regards and thanks, Riki Navon CEO

Yoga classes at your home on ZOOM - Tuesdays at 17:00

Iris Yehiali is an occupational therapist and yoga teacher specializing in the elderly and Parkinson's disease.
To register and receive the link - Tel. portable 054-4656232    See publication >> Click here…

Physiobox - a unique method for training people with Parkinson's 

Trainers: Amiram Eini and Yuval Levitan
Mondays 16:00 regularly + another additional morning each week. Payment: NIS 30 per transfer rate through the Bit app.
Registration - Yuval, Tel. Mobile – 054-5454917  See publication >> Click here…
to the video >> Click here…

The project "Dancing the Life" from rehabilitative dance and physiotherapy
Managed by Rita Binder Elimelech and Yulia German
A YouTube channel that brings together instructional videos of various degrees of difficulty that is especially suitable for people dealing with Parkinson's and suffering from difficulty with movement and balance. for videos – Click here
Soon we will start with a set of online lessons.     
Those who are interested are invited to contact: Yulia 050-8127470  Rita 054-4238943

The role of physical therapy in Parkinson's - To read explanatory pages click...

The lecture of the physiotherapist Yuval Levitan which was given live to the association's members- Click here…

"Dancing for health with Parkinson's"

Meetings of movement, pleasure and movement. "Dance for Health" branches: Kfar Saba, Ra'anana, Ramat Aviv, Kfar Vitkin, Kiryat Ono.
for further details…   
Phone for details: 09-7681372

The site of physio-movement

tutorial videos  : Actions and exercises adapted to Parkinson's under the guidance of Noa Ben Shitrit

How to improve walking:

How to get up from a chair safely and efficiently:

How to sit on a chair safely:

Exercises to strengthen leg muscles while sitting:

Exercises to strengthen leg muscles while standing:

Physical activity at home - videos + exercise sheets under the guidance of Aggie Yeager

for videos >>>  Click here

to exercise pages >>> Click here

Naomi Klarfeld's exercise book
To view and download: Click here

Exercise classes using the Feldenkrais method
Under the guidance of coach Aharon Dayan - one group on Sundays and Wednesdays at 09:00 and one group on Mondays and Thursdays at 17:00
The classes are held in the ZOOM application, each class lasts 40 minutes in exchange for NIS 40 per class, which will be transferred via bit.

Send me a WhatsApp that you are interested and I will add you. Tal: 050-292-4660

Movement therapy and Parkinson's

Around the world, movement therapy has become one of the main methods for alleviating the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Through rhythms such as tango waltz, in a supportive family setting and accompanied by a professional therapist, we work on proper posture, balance and energetic movement and face together the mental difficulties accompanying the disease.

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