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Table tennis project for Parkinson's contestants - ping pong PPPil

Expedition of the October 2023 World Championships

Summary of the competition
Meir Halfon from Ashdod won a gold medal⭐⭐⭐
Ofra Mark 2 bronze medals 1 silver⭐⭐
Hillel kept 2 bronze medals⭐⭐
Zuri Ildis 2 bronze medals ⭐⭐
Aryeh Sommer 1 bronze medal ⭐
Shlomo Unger 1 bronze medal ⭐️ 
Kudos to the amazing team that represented Israel with great respect🏆

The Israeli team for the World Championship - in Pula Croatia - 10/2022

Standing from right to left: Yossi Harari-Afula, Shlomo Unger-Ramat Gan, Eli Cohen-Nahariya, Miki Kahansius-Kinneret, Ronan Stein-Rag, Michael Yakont-Shalfim, Ran Cohen-Kfar Yuval, Adv. Philip Feinberg-Benyamina , sitting from right to left - Benzion Raidiboim-Bat Yam, Roni Gilboa-Beit Hillel, Varda Isavi-Nazareth, Aryeh Somer-Rehovot

Israel's national team for the World Championship in Pula, Croatia, September 2022

The World Championship is over and we have many champions from Israel:

In the Boster house, the consolation houses won:

Congratulations to the participants and winners, they are an example of coping with Parkinson's - it is possible!! They represented Israel and the association and brought great honor to all of us 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

It must be hard for you to believe, but the sport - table tennis, has medical properties that provide an answer to prevent deterioration in the tolerance for those dealing with Parkinson's. Through table tennis, the contestants can improve their daily functioning, don't doubt it and come enjoy developing and improving - the movement stability and coordination... it's never too late!

To listen to an interview on Radio Kol Haak with the player of the national team - Michal Yakont click here...

The Parkinson's Association in Israel initiates the establishment of table tennis clubs all over the country within the framework The benefits club for members of the association.
The program was initiated by a former Parkinson's Pilot HA contestant Mr. Roni Gilboa from the settlement of Beit Hillel and a member of the management team at the Hermoni branch of the association together with the trainers Shahar Gilad and Yishi Korlikar.
Roni added Israel to the European Union and was elected as a board member of the union, Roni stuck his vision to the association's management and together we led the expansion of the project. Table tennis improves posture, coordination, eye-hand contact, improves cognition and the mass of muscles responsible for movement and stability.

Today, about 80 ping pong players nationwide are active in the association.


Below are contacts for registration:

Anyone interested in establishing a community of active ping pong contestants is invited toContact Us…

The association held the Israel Championship in Ramat Korazim in which 30 players participated.
Israel's champion for Parkinson's contestants is Ben Zion Raidiboim from Bat-Yim.
Israeli runner-up - Roni Gilboa from Beit Hillel.
The Israeli team for the World Ping Pong Championship is going out under the auspices of the association at the Sukkot 2022 festival with 12 players. We wish the players of the national team fun and success.

To view the inspiring personal story of singer Nenad Bach - a Parkinson's patient from Croatia who plays ping pong, click here...

To view the article from Haaretz newspaper, click here...

Table tennis for Parkinson's patients - to improve daily functioning

Any activity you do is welcome and can help. At the same time, there are activities that combine a large number of parameters and thus produce much more benefit, in particular, for those suffering from Parkinson's disease.

If you suffer from Parkinson's disease, you won't believe how quickly you start to feel and feel an improvement almost immediately, so you deal better with the problem you suffer from as part of the Parkinson's challenges.'

Ping pong training - at Maccabi Ramat Gan