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Zavik Frishman

Pour it up…

Zavik Frishman's personal pouring

Albert Einstein said at the time that: "Mystery is the most beautiful thing we can experience. It is the source of all true art and all science."
Such are the works of the artist Zavik Frishman: mysterious, complex and real.

Zavik Frishman, a businessman from Netanya, married and the father of 3 grandfathers of 7 grandchildren, works all his life from three central tenets: one is related to motivation and action: "You are what you do, and whatever you do, do it the best or don't do it at all." The second is related to his world view and his love for human beings, the third refers to the world and life, as a short and fascinating journey, which should be exhausted and enjoyed every day.

From these characteristics, the modes of his actions were derived: combining a career imbued with motivation for success, management for achievements and excellence alongside a huge variety of motoring hobbies at sea, in the air and on land.

About ten years ago, in the middle of his turbulent life, he fell ill with Parkinson's disease. His life was shaken and changed from one end to the other.

Or as Zavik says: "I'm just going from Parkinson's mode to episode-experience mode". From cannabis that his doctors offered him, to canvas and paints, that opened a window for him to grow and a means to express repressed thoughts and feelings.

The process of creating it using the Pouring method does not require the use of a brush, but rather an emotional process that requires the concentration of playing with the color.

His work is planned, but at the same time there is trial and error, randomness and lack of control - he produces the best to the background sounds of his favorite band Queen.

The final result of Zavik's work, aesthetic, spectacular planned and stormy at the same time, intuitive, full of passion - a new language of color intoxication.

As an artist, Zavik is true to himself, and to his worldviews, he does not follow the rut and creates forays in large mediums, he is constantly looking to create in an innovative way and invents new techniques. He sees in his faith the desire to express the beauty and goodness that exists in our world and in our lives.

Frishman is full of ideas and initiatives and is currently at the peak of his muse and creates tirelessly.

The process that Zavik goes through is therapeutic and the result heals and inspires others! - or in his own language: "I don't have big ambitions. I live from day to day and every day I am thankful for what I have, and if I was able to give people inspiration or modeling situations, for me it is a success."


To get in touch regarding Zavik Frishman's works on the gallery website:פרישמן-זאביק

Happiness = meaning + small pleasures

Meaning = giving, helping, inspiring, giving hope to others, adding beauty to the world

Small pleasures = hobbies, creation


Who am I

A man of action, an entrepreneur at heart, motivated to succeed, a man of giving and helping, a man of people


values ​​and beliefs

live and let live

we are all equal

You are what you do

Life is temporary - you have to make the most of it

Parkinson's = trial episode

skills and abilities

Courage, initiative, giving, problem solving, listening ear, support, ability to connect people, give others a sense of security

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