Yitzhak Shaham

My name is Yitzhak Shaham, 76 years old. Married, father of two and proud grandfather of seven grandchildren.

About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. The news hit me like a thunderbolt on a clear day, but I soon realized that dealing with the disease in order to slow down its development involves an uncompromising effort. It was made clear to me by the medical team that the overall treatment of the disease should be done on two levels, both of equal importance:

  • Careful medical care.
  • Managing a framework of intense physical activity and cognitively challenging activity to preserve the existing ability.

I do a lot of physical activity - a daily walk of 4-5 km, I am active in the gym and also have the help of a fitness trainer.
Together with my wife, we often take trips in Israel and abroad (on days as they are).
I am active and have created diverse works in wood and metal such as home and garden furniture, an activity facility for children in an area of ​​about 40 square meters, 2 stories high with ladders and slides.

I built my grandchildren a wooden car and another metal car of a size that allows comfortable seating for two children in each car, in practice four sit in them.
Another hobby of mine is community TV activities in my area. In this framework I photographed and produced several films and articles.

The article I want to share with you is about a group of dancers in wheelchairs. The dancers' display of energy and joy makes it obvious from the viewer that there is some kind of disability on stage. The motto of the dancers that also accompanies me is:

There is nothing that is impossible, there is nothing that you don't want strongly enough.

This statement accompanies me throughout all my ways and activities.
I invite you to watch the film that my wife and I made about the power of coping.

You are welcome to watch the new movie, Broadcast these days on Community Channel 98 under the Gil HaNorth group: Hora Israel Dancers: Hanna and Yitzchak Shaham's film...   
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