Professor Rafi Eldor

In 2008, the doctor informed me that I have Parkinson's disease, and in 5-6 years I will need help. That period of time passed, but my situation only improved since then, and I continued my life as an expert in economics and finance, as a senior lecturer. The drugs, the tests and the doctors all helped me, but I owe the biggest thanks to dance. The dance itself, along with the people from the field I met, changed my life and gave me many more days of smiles, joy and vitality. It is important for me to share my story so that other patients can also dance towards a better life, and to remind everyone that a person's fate depends on him.

Thanks to Parkinson's I learned:

  • that it is desirable to be positive, to maintain optimism - and it works
  • that thinking outside the box - it pays off
  • That it is better to dare and not be afraid, not to give up and make dreams come true
  • that doing for myself begins with doing for the common good
  • Every day I choose to overcome
  • Every day a new winner


For the video...

If you are interested, contact me: 054-4270225