Tomer Peleg

7-11.4.2021 - Journey for Israel. Timna Park. "Shaking the path" - a project led by Tomer Peleg Together with those facing Parkinson's, family members and friends face additional challenges, help and are helped, share difficulties and learn from each other additional ways to cope. We will walk on the Israel Path that runs through the park and also on other paths that are not part of the Israel Path. The accommodation will be in the wild animal reserve in tents (it is the responsibility of those who join to take care of themselves for the tent, transportation and payment to the place, we will reserve a place according to the number of registrants). We will buy and prepare the food together. You can join and leave at any stage of the journey. see you there.

Some technical details:

  1. The trip is accompanied by a medic and a logistics person with an SUV
  2. The walk will have water and food for the whole day
  3. The days on the trip were divided into three levels of difficulty. Green - easy day, up to 2 km walk, mostly flat. Orange - up to 4 km walk day with a few ups and downs. Red - a hard day, walking up to 10 km and/or significant ascents and descents
  4. You can join the trip at the joining points that appear in the planning (you must register on the registration form for the desired points)
  5. Each participant has to take care of arrival and collection by himself
  6. Insurance and medical equipment are the responsibility of the participants
  7. The planning including the route maps, division into levels of difficulty and joining points can be found below
  8. Registration for the trip and the joining points here Link to register......


Those interested in joining can do so in the following ways:

  1. To join a nucleus of people who walk most of the way together.
  2. To join individual travel days according to the table below.
  3. To be a travel partner in hospitality, logistical help and more.

Link to maps...

In any case, if you are interested, contact me: Tomer Peleg 054-7550232


My name is Tomer Peleg, I am 49 years old, I live in Alon HaGalil and I have Parkinson's which was diagnosed about 7 years ago. Coping with Parkinson's is a challenging personal and family journey that has ups and downs like a walk in nature. Sometimes the drugs help, the mood is uplifted and a sense of victory that everything is possible and sometimes the drugs no longer help and the depression takes over and there is a feeling of failure. From the beginning (the diagnosis) I decided that I take responsibility for my disease and looked for unconventional ways to help me deal with the disease. I do qigong, swim in the pool but mostly like to travel. I found the healing power of being in nature and walking in it. When I walk in nature, my walking becomes much better and the movement in general becomes more fluid and smooth. The body and mind work better together.

Alon HaGilil is right next to the Israel Trail and my family and I host Shabalists. I hear many stories about walking the path and its effect on people and I decided to go on a journey for Israel. And more than that, I decided that I wanted to go on this journey with other people who have Parkinson's. When my goal is twofold, on the one hand, to strengthen and challenge those who have Parkinson's, and on the other hand, to increase the awareness and recognition of Parkinson's in the public. I'm not giving up on the family and friends are also welcome, of course. But the pace and routes will be adapted to people who have Parkinson's. The joint walk will bring, I hope, the feeling that I am not alone in my journey and that there are people who face the same problems as mine. And also for public recognition of the strength and abilities that people with Parkinson's have.

For me, walking for Israel is both a dream come true and a way to take responsibility for my Parkinson's treatment. The responsibility is not limited only to Parkinson's is part of the being of the trip, everyone who joins takes the responsibility to take care of himself, to do what is right and good for him.